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General legal practice and litigation

Intellectual Property Law. Commercial Law. Corporate Issues.

Advertising and marketing Advertising and labeling, advertising law, deceptive advertising, direct marketing, international marketing, marketing law, sponsorship law, unfair marketing.
Antitrust Competition law, merger, vertical agreements.
Contracts Commercial contracts, international contracts, breach of contracts.
 Copyrights Copyright infringement, copyright litigation, copyright prosecution, copyright protection.
Corporate Law Corporate commercial law, corporate contracts, corporate litigation, incorporation. Business law.
Distribution Distribution agreements, exclusive distribution agreements.
Domain names registration, renewal and protection of domain names.
E.U. Competition  
Franchise Franchise distribution, franchise law, franchise licensing, franchising.
Industrial relations
Intellectual property Author rights, design rights, designs, employee invention law, industrial models and designs, industrial property, industrial property protection, industrial property rights, intellectual property infringement, intellectual property licensing, intellectual property litigation, intellectual property protection, intellectual property rights.
Foreign investment
Labour law
Mergers and acquisitions Joint ventures
   Off shore corporations  
Patents Patent infringement, patent licensing, patent litigation, patent oppositions, patent prosecution, patent protection, patent registration, pharmaceutical patents.
Product liability Product labeling.
Trademarks Domestic, European, International trademarks registrations, trade names, trade secrets, trademark and design law, trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark litigation, trademark prosecution, trademark protection.
 Unfair competition  

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