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We use cookies in order to ensure the most efficient operation of our website. In case you do not agree with the use of cookies, you should set your web browser accordingly or not use the present website. In case you disable cookies, the present website might not operate efficiently.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that are stored by a website on the computer or mobile device of a user when visiting the said website. In this way, the website keeps record and “remembers“ information regarding the user and his preferences (e.g. the access code, the language, the font size and other device preferences etc.) for a certain period of time and consequently the user does not have to insert his preferences every time when visiting the website or browsing its webpages.
Why we use cookies?
The information recorded by cookies helps us adjust the content of our website and improve the services provided through it.
Cookies can be used in order to verify the user (necessary cookies), to compile anonymous statistics in order to attest the way in which a user uses the website and to improve its content (useful cookies), as well as deliver advertisements or offers, to limit irrelevant advertisements or the assessment of the effectiveness of a promotional campaign (advertising cookies).     
Cookies used at the present website
  • Session cookies: used for the operation of the site
How to manage cookies
The user can delete or disable cookies or exclude access to the same through the privacy options of his browser, but in this case some features of the website might not operate.
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For any request or information regarding the operation of the present website and cookies, you may contact us via our email address at or by phone at 210-3627842

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